Saturday, January 10, 2015


Have you been stressing lately with work, school and life in general? Your not the only one! 

Here are some of my favorites tips that helps me to deal with stress.

1) Music! because it helps me the most to forget about what I am stressing about. Also always listen to happy music because it get you going, and has a high chance of changing your mood into positive! That means don't listen to sad music because it doesn't help!:)

2) Friends! Go out with your friends, and have some fun! Being around positive people brings positive vibes.

3) Write! Write in a journal or diary, don't keep your feelings bottle up inside! Once you write down how you are feeling, you are going to notice that your going to feel so much better!

5) Exercise! By exercising, it reduces stress that you are feelings and also it helps takes some of the pressure that the stress is given you.

6) Time for yourself! Most importantly is YOU! Making time and allowing yourself to have some fun is the best thing you can do for yourself. Also it is good for your health!:)

Stay Fabulous!


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